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What to do in Barcelona during autumn?

If you travel to Barcelona during the fall or just live here, for sure may be asking yourself what to do in Barcelona in the fall. We propose the best plans:

What to do in Barcelona during autumn

Barcelona in autumn: what to do?

What do you think if we start with museums? The truth is that if you like to travel and enjoy the culture, we recommend visiting the wonderful museums of Barcelona. But also, there are some especially interesting places that you can enjoy during the seasons of  autumn or winter, when there are worse temperatures or even rainy days.

The Chocolate Museum is a very aphrodisiac and tasty experience  and you will have the chance of making your own chocolate, as well as taste some of the richest pieces.

The next thing we propose is a tour of the markets of Barcelona. There are very large and full of fresh products, as well as original and high quality items. They are scattered throughout the city, so you don’t have trouble finding them.

Barcelona also celebrates entertaining  events at different times of the year. For example, in autumn we have Halloween or the Castanyada. In case you go more towards the end of the year, New Year’s Eve is very special to live the fireworks in the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc.

The Christmas Market is one of the best times of the year for shopping lovers. It starts in mid-November. There are several located in Barcelona, ​​such as the Santa Lucia Market, the Sagrada Familia Market and the Magi Fair on Gran Vía.

Enjoying the famous Belén de la Plaça Sant Jaume is another of the best plans. In addition, there are several located in different corners of Barcelona, ​​such as El Corte Inglés, which is usually very popular.

Another of the plans to make in Barcelona during the autumn months, is shopping. We propose this Shopping Night event in Passeig de Gracia that is held every year at the end of November. As well as.

If you feel like it, you can also take a tour of Barcelona. In case that you are a follower of Barça, you surely do not want to miss a football match at the Camp Nou stadium or a tour of the museum.

And what about nightlife?

Barcelona is a city with a lot of nightlife, so you can enjoy awesome parties and discos.

You can taste sensational gastronomic plans if you go to the best restaurants (surely guides like TripAdvisor give you a hand to discover the best). But, after going to dinner, you can also go to some of the most popular nightclubs or bars.

One of the most amazing places is the Ice Bar  in Barceloneta. But there are also other especially famous places to go for drinks like Els 4 Gats, The Xampanyet or the Marseille Bar.

Alone or in company?

If you want to enjoy autumn in Barcelona with the best company, remember that the best escorts are waiting for you at Luxury Escorts Barcelona. If you are alone in Barcelona and want to have a better time during the day or at night, you can take a companion with you whenever you want.

With escorts in Barcelona you will have, whenever you want, company to go out to dinner, to go to an event, to go for drinks, etc. You decide the plan and choose the escort, to enjoy a wonderful evening.

As you can see, there are many plans that can be made in Barcelona during the fall. Of course, it is you who has the last word on whether you prefer to do it alone or with the best company.

Would you like to enjoy Barcelona more during autumn? call us!…

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