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What are sugar daddy?

Have you heard of the term sugar daddy? The truth is that it has already jumped from the big screens to our day to day, because more and more agencies offer this service. So let’s see what they are:

¿Qué son los sugar daddy?

Sugar daddy: what are they

The sugar daddy are successful men who know what they want and seek to enjoy an attractive company by their side. They are usually middle-aged men with good socioeconomic status. For them, money is not a problem and they are very generous.

The girls who are looking for sugar daddy are the ones known as sugar baby. They are young women who want to live new experiences at their side and give them their company. In many cases to pay for studies and in others to receive gifts or enjoy the best restaurants or stays in luxury hotels.

Who can be a sugar daddy?

Any man who is looking for a sugar baby. As we told you, they are usually men who earn a lot of money, who spend their lives traveling through luxury hotels and who are looking for a woman to accompany them on their adventures.

They usually have great purchasing power, so the figures they handle with sugar babies are really high and can be around 500 euros per appointment or even more. In addition, the girl always enjoys all the expenses paid.

Why be a sugar daddy?

There are many reasons that can lead a man to become sugar daddy. But above all, one, and is that it is designed for men who want to have a sugar baby by their side. That is, a stable relationship with a girl in exchange for money, because it is not the same service as the company girl.

What are the differences between sugar baby and escort?

There are people who wonder about the difference between a sugar daddy and a man who wants to hire escort services, that is, as a company girl. However, they are not the same. These are the differences:

  • Social pressure: the term of sugar daddy begins to be more consolidated and a girl will not be judged to go hand in hand with a rich man or who is older than her. It is normal in these environments and is accepted. However, escorts tend to be more discreet and often hide their profession. Although it depends on the escort.
  • Relations: when you are looking for a sugar daddy, you think about a long-term relationship, with meetings in public. As for the escort, it is usually something sporadic that can happen once or more. Butca, it is not usually a romance, as if it can be that of sugar daddy.
  • Way of life or profession: the escort service is more seen as a profession and sugar baby is a way of life, since the second is who chooses with whom they want to share the relationship.

As you can see, there are differences between a sugar baby and an escort. So sugar daddy are the men who want to have a sugar baby, that is, instead of being with several company girls or escorts at the same time, what they do is have a relationship with a sugar baby.

It is the fashion term, so it is important that you know what it means, so that when you hire the services you have no doubt. If you want to hire the services of sugar baby you will find the best girls in our agency, classy girls, beautiful and perfect. So now that you know what sugar daddy is, who knows, you still can decide to try it.

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