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What is the Singapore kiss?

Did you know that the Singapore kiss is a sexual practice? If you want to try it, we invite you to visit us at Luxury Escorts Barcelona. But not before telling you what this term means and how to practice it. Find out!

¿Qué es el beso de Singapur?

Singapore kiss: what is it

With the pass of time, some fun and very sensual sexual practices are emerging to enjoy sex even more. One of them is the kiss of Singapore, which is already very famous and more and more men and women want to try it.

What does it consist of? It involves the contraction of the vaginal muscles.  That is a kiss from Singapore.

It is a practice that, although not easy, can be stimulated with exercises such as kegel or pilates, so they help make it easier to achieve. Of course, if you’ve never experienced anything like it before, you may not know how to identify it. We give you a few clues …

How to identify a vaginal musculature?

To perform Kegel exercises it is necessary to contract the internal musculature of the vulva as if we wanted to cut the pee. So you must contract the musculature of the urine and vaginal wall and work it, performing constant exercises.

How to practice it?

Not all women need to do the same number of exercises. Ideally, do about 20 repetitions for 3 times a day.

The practice is a series of contracting, retaining and releasing. When this practice is controlled, you can already perform the Singapore kiss as a couple.

The Singapore kiss as a couple

When you have learned to control it alone, it is time to try as a couple how it is carried out. Well, at the time of having sex you should try to contract that muscle during penetration. Therefore, the couple will notice how a force is exerted on their member.

It is not a simple sexual practice and requires time to learn to contract and relax the vaginal muscles during intercourse, in order to retain the penis. So, to enjoy it, it is important to insist and practice, one day, another … as many times as necessary to achieve it.

It is also important that communication exists so that both members of the couple like it. In addition, once the technique is perfected, it can already be combined with other postures or combinations, such as hip movements. And so get other levels of pleasure even more intense.

Can you try the Singapore kiss with a stranger?

Of course it is possible. The woman simply needs to train him to get it. Once you are able to contract, retain and release the vaginal muscles, then you can have sex with penetration enjoying more sex or at least experiencing otherwise.

For many women, Singapore’s kiss is a challenge. And practices like Pilates can help its development.

Keep in mind that not all people enjoy this practice or find it pleasant. But at least it is important that you know what the Singapore kiss means and how it is done; Something we hope we have helped you through this guide.

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