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What is petting?

Surely you were wondering what petting is. We are facing a sexual practice that you may have been practicing for some time without knowing his name. So if you want to implement petting, do not miss this article.

¿Qué es el petting?

Petting: what is it

In Spain, petting means in a colloquial way to “make out”. Something like “ faje”  in Mexican culture. So, it simply refers to this common practice in teenagers.  But, although its meaning is something that sounds familiar to us, perhaps we had never heard of it as petting.

Where does it come from? It is an anglicism derived from the verb “to pet”, which includes caresses and kisses to increase the sexual arousal of the couple, but without penetration.

However, this term has no defined limits, so that on some occasion there could also be penetration. So petting can go from kisses, caresses and ending in oral sex.

In addition, we do not need to tell you that by petting man and woman can reach orgasm, because you can also opt for masturbation.

Types of petting

To better understand the different ways of practicing petting, it is important to know all the types there are. Currently, they are defined in 3.

  • Grade I: this is the most basic degree of petting, so it consists of making out  very lightly, with kisses, hugs, movement of hands … A degree that reminds us of the adolescent stage, where you get intimate without having penetration.
  • Grade II: In this second degree of petting, sexual practice is already more intimate. The caresses are already different and the way of giving them is already changing. They are performed on clothes and can mimic intercourse in some cases. But without having sex.
  • Grade III: in this grade, sexual caresses are already performed under clothes. Here you already reach, you can practice oral sex or masturbate the other person. It may or may not include intercourse.

Do you have risks?

One of the advantages of practicing petting is that it is said that it has no risks. However, it depends to what extent we carry, since in oral sex sexual diseases can be transmitted. That is why it is important to practice petting with a trustworthy person.

However, you can also practice petting with anyone safely through a condom. It is the most reliable way to ensure that the relationship is being carried out safely.

Of course, many young people use it as a very effective prevention against a possible unwanted pregnancy. Since, if love is not made, there is nothing to worry about.

On the other hand, many specialists recommend petting some couples to solve problems in the sexual field. That is, the specialists themselves prevent couples from making love and limit themselves only to petting, to awaken that sexual desire and get to know each other better as to what they like and what they don’t.

Haven’t you tried petting yet?

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