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What is polyamory?

We often talk a lot about polyamory. But what is it? At Luxury Escorts Barcelona we always try to give you what you want, what you desire … And today we will talk about polyamory, that word that is causing so much controversy.

Polyamory: what is it?

Polyamory is something like a relationship model in which love or romantic ties are established with more than one person at the same time. In addition, it is done consciously and consensually by all parties.

Of course, when we talk about polyamory, we cannot avoid mentioning other concepts such as open relationships and not monogamy. 

In the case of non-monogamous ethical relationships, there are those where there is no sexual or romantic exclusivity and they are consciously and consensually agreed upon by all parties. Therefore, all people know and accept it. In addition, they can be given in very different formats.

If we talk about swinger couples, we are facing a type of open relationship. Something like polyamorous relationships. They are based on a main relationship with a person and other secondary relationships with third parties.

Let’s say that the options that exist are very diverse and each relationship is unique, so in non-monogamous relationships there are usually agreements and limits, which are negotiated between all parties. Also, these relationships can evolve, always adjusting to the needs of each moment.

As for the problems, the added difficulty of jealousy can arise, especially when new people appear in the “relationship.” But it is something that can always happen and must be accepted.

What is clear is that we are facing a “new” option that has reached couples and seems to have come to stay. Therefore, we can say that polyamory is very much the order of the day and that you can feel it and experience it.

How are these relationships?

As we anticipate, there is no model or structure as such, but each polyamorous relationship can be different. That is, there may be people with two lovers, with three or that the lovers in turn have other lovers. Let’s say that there is nothing written and each relationship is different.

There are also cases in which polyamorous people live with one or several lovers in a room or under the same roof, instead of living in different houses. Of course, there is also this possibility. The important thing is that it works and that all parties are happy.

In addition, we must also bear in mind that a love life does not have to be easy. Let’s say that the simple is not sought, but a fuller life. That is why, for them to work, it is recommended that there is communication, honesty and awareness. All the necessary elements for a healthy relationship.

It is much more than having sex, love or affection, but it allows you to have intimate relationships with more people at the same time. In order to have at your side more people who can lean and lend a hand.

How is sex?

Did you know that polyamory focuses more on love than on sex? Although the sexual is present, because it is a way to show someone our feelings, the truth is that it is more in the background.

That is why there are asexual people who are polyamorous. That is, sex is not essential, but it is another option, something that is there.

Of course, in the case of having sexual relations, it is essential that it be safe sex, since each couple must take appropriate protective measures, between them and between lovers.

Therefore, you can have sex with your lovers whenever you want. So, if you believe in polyamory and feel it, you can always have relationships with escorts. One more way to enjoy pleasure.

How to experience it for the first time?

Let’s say, it’s something that comes up. That is, if you are a person who has a partner and has fallen in love with another but at the same time loves your partner, this could be the case. Of course, it is not something temporary, but it is a way of loving.

In addition, the relationship must be open and consented at all times. To be healthy and be happy there can be no lies or concealments. The main couple should know that you will be with other people, for love, not just for sex.

For example, if you don’t imagine your partner with another person, you may not be prepared to have an open relationship or exchange partners. Let’s say, polyamory goes further, because it is to love several people at the same time. Feel love, want intimacy, your company, etc.

If you think you can achieve these fuller feelings by several people at once, now you know what polyamory is and how you can start to experience.

Remember that there are polyamorous people who seek support in groups. Because although in our country it is a relatively recent movement, let’s say that there are ways to find people like you, through the Internet, for example.

Therefore, we invite you to experiment with your body and your feelings, to be free, to get carried away, etc. After all, life is short and if you want to have full happiness, you cannot close the doors and give up on what you want.

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