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What are Multiorgasms?

Have you ever had multiorgasms? That is, one orgasm after another? If you have experienced sex and made all your sexual fantasies come true, it is likely that you have gradually experienced this sensation. If not, you don’t know everything you’re missing.

Multiorgasms: what are they?

As you know, there are women who have a hard time reaching an orgasm when they have sex and just the opposite happens; that there are other women who have many. Which are known as multiorgasmic.

Of course, there are men who have never been with multiorgasmic girls and wonder if that really is possible, if they can have so many orgasms, one after another and in a short time. The truth is that experts say so.

To better understand this situation, let’s analyze, what is a multiorgasm? It is the ability to have a climax repeatedly during the same sexual intercourse, in the same activity.

Although this scene is common in erotic movies, the truth is that for many it is seen as something strange. However, it can happen, because as we tell you, there are women who can experience repeated orgasms.

Men and women can be multiorgasmic

Did you know it’s a matter of two? It is not only a matter of women, but men can also experience several orgasms in a row. The difference is in the length of time to recover, which is usually shorter in their case.

Women usually need less time to recover, that is, they may have several orgasms in a row. But it depends a lot on women, as some feel the genital area very sensitive. While others have the refractory period so short that they may experience orgasms again and again.

How is orgasm generated?

Orgasm, in this female case, arises as a response to sexual arousal when it reaches its peak. In turn, rhythmic and involuntary contractions are generated in the vaginal muscles, as well as redness in the chest, sweat or an acceleration in the heart rate. Maybe even tears. Of course, as always happens, each woman has her own answer.

The usual thing is to go through different phases of excitement until the threshold of orgasm is reached. For some, the excitement is maintained or even adjusted and can last for a while, and it is in that phase of stagnation when there are women who experience various orgasms.

But not all orgasms are the same. The first of all is usually the best, while the others, which are smaller, are also derived from pleasure, since the intensity grows with each climax.

Although as we tell you, it depends a lot on the woman, on the experience, on how her body responds, on the moment, etc. Let’s say that, there is no exact formula, but every woman is a world and not all have the ability to be multi-orgasmic, just like men.

How to get multiorgasms?

The truth is that there is no trick or secret to get multiorgasms. Let’s say, it depends on the woman. It is something that arises naturally.

Of course, couples who have not experienced too much, may not be aware of everything they are able to feel. That is why it is important to experiment with the body and see where it reaches.

So, the first step to having these multiorgasms, is to know your body well. If you know your own body well, you will know where you can go.

In addition, other factors such as sexual experience and age also influence, because over time we tend to get carried away, to be ourselves completely when having sex.

The experts themselves say that they can occur more at 40 than at 20. This is because mature women know their body better, have many years of experience and know how to stimulate themselves to climax.

What is very important, is that you do not become obsessed with orgasms. That is, if you try again and again but you are not able to have several orgasms in the same sexual activity, your body may not allow it. Just do not force yourself, it is essential that you let it flow naturally.

It is better that it is fun, that you seek above all to have fun, enjoy, and not only focus on whether you will have several orgasms or, if you do, you will still not be able. As we tell you, it is a matter of the body and each person is different.

But now that you know they exist and that there are men and women who get it, do not hesitate to consider it, because you may have never tried it and you simply have to let yourself go a little longer.

If you are with a person who excites you a lot, surely you have many more possibilities to make a multiorgasm possible. But above all, remember how important it is to know your own body, let yourself go, experiment with new things, realize your sexual fantasies, etc.

Open the windows to desire and let yourself go, because there is a world that may be unknown to you, but which you can reach if you try. Why not? Get carried away with our escorts and escort girls, sensual, sexy and amazing women who will help you make everything you want to become true.

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