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What are the Escorts?

One of the most common questions is “what are the escorts”. Because the truth is that it is usual to confuse terms such as escort and prostitute, so in this article we will tell you everything you need to know about the meaning of escorts.

What does it mean to be an escort?

An escort is a woman who offers an escort service. That is, she is a paid companion, so the client pays her money to go with him to parties, work meetings, outings in the city, etc.

Escorts are also known as company girl, company lady or call girl, a paid companion to attend all kinds of social events.

Does an escort offer sex?

It depends on the escort, because the hiring can include sex or not. Therefore, the services must be previously agreed with the agency in order to avoid future confusion.

For this same reason, the term of escort should not be confused with that of prostitute, because prostitutes offer all kinds of sexual services and escorts can offer them or not. However, they usually get confused.

Qué son las Escorts

Why take the step?

As an escort …

There are many young students or university girls who are looking for a way to earn extra money, so they decide to be an escort. Of course not all girls can become luxury girls, because it is necessary to meet certain standards and canons: be beautiful, smart, elegant, fine, self-confident, discreet, sexy … attributes necessary to work as luxury girl in our agency.

There are also girls who see in the work of escort an opportunity to earn money to fulfill all their goals. So through this profession they can become more economically independent and be able to buy everything they want.

Is it difficult to take the step? Some women more than others, especially for the issue of “what they will say” or the fact of telling your family or friends. However, it should be seen as another profession because it is just what it is, a more and totally respectable job.

As a customer …

Many clients who decide to hire the Barcelona escorts service seek, above all, that feeling of superiority that causes them to be accompanied by an impressive woman, such as luxury escorts. Because they are women with a high level of education, beautiful, sexy, elegant, thin, knowing how to be … they have a great presence and attract attention, so you will be the center of all eyes.

Often the top executives and entrepreneurs hire the services of escorts in Barcelona to disconnect, get out of the monotony and take a very special companion to their side, to those boring meetings and work parties.

Likewise, the escorts can offer many other services such as departures from the city or attend special events or parties. We refer, for example, to all kinds of parties such as bachelor parties.

Hire the best escorts

Now that you know what the escorts really are, you will find the best ones in our Luxury agency. They are beautiful, elegant, fun, smart … and are luxury escorts, so you can enjoy the most select of the city.

So if you want to hire the escorts service, you will only have to contact us, because in our agency you will find the best luxury girls willing to make you spend an unforgettable time.

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