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The sexual route

Did you know that there is a concept of ‘sex tourism’ that is becoming very popular? If it sounds familiar, the idea seems tempting and you want to discover the best sexual  route, we invite you to keep reading because it will surprise you:

What is the best sexual route

Here we mention all the countries and / or cities where you can enjoy an unforgettable sexual  route:

Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic prostitution is legal, so it is one of the preferred destinations for men and women to have sex without ties. A Caribbean country that of course you can not get out of your mind.


Although in Colombia prostitution is prohibited, it must be said that it is one of the countries with the most sexual tourism. Moreover, many women in the world go to Colombia to dedicate themselves to it. And one of the main curiosities of this country is that there are Colombian prostitutes who offer discounts to customers if they find them attractive.


Brazil is another of the main destinations to enjoy a good sex tourism route. It is an essential destination for both men and women who want to enjoy the best warm-blooded company. In addition, it is on the rise.


Surely you’ve heard of the red-light district of Amsterdam that attracts so many thousands of visitors each year. Well, this place has many businesses related to the sector, such as strip clubs, sex shops, prostitutes exhibiting through shop windows, etc.

Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic there are bars, nightclubs and brothels that have ‘sexoservidores’ to serve customers. You can also ask for prostitutes by phone. So it also allows sex tourism.


As it could not be otherwise, in Spain is also the best sexual tourism route. Moreover, there are those who consider Spain as one of the main European destinations to enjoy sex tourism.

There are many cities where you can enjoy sex without limitations and without ties to the best young girls. As well as red neighborhoods. Some of them are the following:

  • Barcelona: it is one of the main places to have sex with prostitutes; There are of all kinds, as well as high standing and escorts.
  • Madrid: the capital of Spain is one of the main echoes of prostitution in the country, and it is possible to find a high volume in its neighborhoods.
  • Magaluf (Mallorca): this is a destination for party, alcohol and sex for excellence.
  • Ibiza: another of the party destinations par excellence of our country is Ibiza. So it is also a place that many travel seeking sex.

It is important to point out that the majority of sex workers are South American girls. But there is everything!

The important thing is that now you know the best sexual tourism route. You already see that it is possible to enjoy sexual services in Spain and also in the rest of Europe or Latin America; so if you plan to travel to those places soon, you know! Red neighborhoods …

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