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The kamasutra

The kamasutra is a book that contains instructions on the different sexual positions exist, or at least, the most pleasurable. So if you want to enjoy the main ones, know that in our agency in Barcelona you have the best girls with whom to fulfill your fantasies.

Practice the kamasutra postures with our girls

Surely more than once you have taken a look at the different sexual positions that exist. Because the truth is that there are many different ones that you can try, to enjoy a better sexual experience without falling into monotony.

If you are looking for beautiful and sexy young women with whom to enjoy sex more than ever, in our agency the best girls wait for you. With them you can practice the different sexual positions that exist, following the instructions that you will see detailed in the Kamasutra, so you can play your part.

Why read the kamasutra?

Regardless of whether you like reading books or not, kamasutra is not a conventional book at all. It contains the most pleasurable positions for having sex and detailed instructions so you know how to do each of them. But why read it?

  • To have more pleasure: if you want to feel more pleasure during sex, you can always try new positions. Who knows, you still discover your next favorite posture.
  • To get out of the monotony: many couples end up in monotony, and to fan the flame of the relationship, one possibility is to innovate in sex. For this, the kamasutra can help you.
  • To try simpler postures: there are many different ways to enjoy sex and, through the kamasutra, you can discover and try simple postures. You will not have excuses not to practice sex …
  • Because knowledge does not take place: if you love to know everything about everything, you will not want to miss what is hidden in the popular book of kamasutra, an essential for any adult person.
  • Because that way you can name the positions you practice: you may have practiced postures that have a name and you do not know it. Well just by reading the kamasutra you will be able to call things by their name.

Now that you know why you should read the kamasutra (and try the positions that you like), what about their myths? Do you know them? Then we detail them, because they do not waste anything:

The myths of kamasutra

To better understand what kamasutra consists of, it is important to disprove these myths:

  • The creator of the kamasutra, Vatsayayana, wrote it when he was still a virgin: false, he grew up in a brothel full of prostitutes and sex.
  • Only someone with an excellent physical condition can practice all the postures: although it is true that you need to have elasticity, strength or agility in some, but anyone can try and get it.
  • If you perform all the postures of the kamasutra you are the best lover in the world: it is false, since a good lover also includes a loving bond that few achieve.
  • It is only for heterosexuals: it is completely false, because gay and lesbian couples can also try these positions.

Meet the best girls to try the kamasutra postures

Do you want to try the postures? At our agency in Barcelona young  and luxury girls are waiting for you to try the Kamasutra postures. They are expert, professional girls who can guide you in each of the positions so you can try everything and enjoy good sex as never before.

So if you dream of trying all the positions in the kamasutra with a good professional, let yourself be seduced by the best.

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