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High standing escorts

Surely you have heard of high standing escorts. But do you know what these girls are like? The truth is that the concept as such refers to highly trained, intelligent, and very caring company ladies, ideal for the most demanding men who want to enjoy the best of companies.

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What are high standing escorts like?

High standing escorts differ greatly from the conventional escort service. They are not just escorts, they are much more than that.

If you want to enjoy the best of companies, it is important that you not only search for “escorts”, but we recommend that you accompany the search followed by “high standing”, so that it show you the best girls,  the most premium escorts  in the area.

But why high-class? What do these particular escorts have? Let’s say they have attributes that make a difference and for which their fees are higher. But it’s worth it if you want to be with a beautiful woman …


One of the characteristics that differentiates these female escorts in Barcelona from others is exclusivity. This wonderful girls work only for our agency. You can only request  their services there, nowhere else.

This exclusivity is no coincidence, since the agency guarantees that the escort is a professional, that she will respect your privacy and that you will be delighted with the service.

So yes, by hiring high standing escorts, you are hiring the services of a woman who only only measured by high requirements.

Classy and fabulous

Another of the qualities that high standing escorts share is an elegant appearance. These women are generally highly prepared. They are college girls , with different activities and speak several languages.

You can have a very interesting conversation and visit luxurious places, because they feel totally part of it. That is why they love to join senior executives and entrepreneurs to events or work parties, because they know how to behave and dress for these occasions.

It is a safe bet if you need company and you want the girl to be refine, elegant and beautiful. That is to say, of more category, that fits more with the environment and the situation for which you demand the service.


The physique of high standing escorts attracts attention and makes a difference. These types of women have higher rates and for a good reason ,they invested in their physique, to be  attractive for themselves and the men who hire their services. They are always great looking.

They are young ladies who have perfect bodies, with fabulous silhouette and an enviable sex apple. Girls always perfectly combed, made up and dressed according to the occasion. So that her companion carries a great woman by her side.

We know that physique is one of the most important things for our clients. That is why, in our agency, high standing women work in Catalonia who really stand out from the rest because they are sexy, smart and precious.

Deal with the customer

The treatment with the client by the high standing escorts is always more delicate, close and with all the privacy that it requires. An experience that you will not find in another lady, because in  Barcelona escort agency you will find the best ones, for the most demanding men.


Availability is another of the characteristics that men value in escorts, especially when they are their favorites. In our agency many high-class escorts work, they are beautiful and they will be delighted to always be at your disposal, for when you require their services.

College girls

In most cases, high standing escorts are college girls. Young girls who are paying for their studies and who meanwhile are working as escorts to earn great money. They are  brave, smart, intelligent and beautiful women, so good conversation is guaranteed.

Highly prepared

Many of the high-class girls are prepared and have a lot of training and languages, to be more interesting and have a truly pleasant conversation with the man who decides to hire their services. In such a way that it is more than just company,it is an unforgettable conversation.

The favorites of the most demanding men

There are companies looking for high standing escorts for their business partners and they need the girls to be of a high category, to be professional, discreet, intelligent, beautiful, well dress… to make a good impression and give a good image.

At Luxury Escorts Barcelona you can contact right now to request the services of these women. They are beautiful and you will love to meet them.They pass a rigorous casting and only the best become part of the agency.

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